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Alternative Nation III - $40 includes domestic shipping

Alternative Nation III - $40 includes domestic shipping

Part 3 of this awesome collective. A timeline of Alternative Music 80's, Dark Wave, New Wave, Rock En Español, Industrial and more!


DJs:  Dj Dave C, DJ Dynamico, DJ Penske, Dj Ryke, Do-Dat, EchoDroides, Numo Dan, Pablo Punkout Gonzalez, Victor Lua, Victor Salazar and Rick Guerrero


    All Rights Reserved. All Sales made on this website of CD's, Audio Cassettes or other media are for the sole purpose of promotion and is strictly for promotional use only.

    All Sales cover website costs, production, labor, artwork, cd's, shipping & handling, and other misc. items that go into the production of a mix CD.

    All music is property of the respective artist. All Rights are Reserved.


    $5.00 shipping. Shipped via USPS

    Standard items ship out in 7-10 days. You will receive an email with tracking for your shipment. Deliver is generally 5-7 after the shipping date.

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