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Behind the Scenes

Since 1994, when Rick Guerrero first burst onto the Chicago night club scene, he has held residencies at some of the most well known night clubs in the Chicago scene. Collaborating with some of the biggest DJs in Chicago, Rick Guerrero sees himself as a pioneer DJ, blowing away convention while ushering in a new wave of modern music.

Thanks for stopping by I am a Chicago native, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. I am a former nightclub DJ, I retired back in 2007 and haven't really picked it back up until recently. During the 2020/2021 pandemic, I picked up the headphones and performed several Live Streams and have not put them down since.

I learned during this recent journey we all shared that music soothes the soul, it brought peace of mind for many through hard times. So long as you keep listening and dancing, I will continue providing the beats and blends. I hope to continue sharing to the masses through my live streams and perhaps an event or two.

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